Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Webinar Discussed Preventing Food Waste as a Climate Solution

Learn how you can help your community save food and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Webinar discussed Moments and Memes to Communicate on Climate

Featuring Michael Shank, this webinar dove into how to convey the results of the latest Energy Action Network Annual Report in your communities, and how to use online tools to engage lawmaker on climate issues.

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Webinar on the Status of Vermont's Energy and Climate Commitments

Get the results of EAN's newly released in-depth analysis of where Vermont stands in terms of meeting its statutory climate action and comprehensive energy plan goals.

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Webinar Discussed Messengers, Messages, and Media Involved on Communicating Climate

We held a Webinar about Communicating on Climate with VECAN Conference keynote speaker Michael Shank!

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Thanks to all who attended the 11th Annual VECAN Conference!

With action on climate more important than ever, keynote speakers Bill McKibben and Michael Shank spoke about how you can #ActonClimateVT

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Vermont Clean Energy Finance Report

Energy stakeholders question how best to unlock the power of financing to #ActOnClimate

Find out the latest solutions by reading the report here

Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions Demonstrate Need to Act on Climate

Read our article for the Green Energy Times about how individuals, communities, and the state can work to reduce our emissions.

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Vermont Climate Action Commission Releases Final Report

Report states that Vermont is not on track to meet its energy and climate goals, makes 53 recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen Vermont's economy.

Read the full report here!

Progress Report: Is Vermont Meeting Its Energy and Climate Goals?

View a recording of our webinar diving into EAN's latest report on the challenges and opportunities we face in meeting Vermont's goal of 90% renewable energy by 2050

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Montpelier Launches Revolving Loan Fund for Energy Saving Projects

Learn about how Montpelier's Energy Committee helped create a municipal fund that captures and tracks savings from sustainability projects and utilizes them for future projects

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Energy Action Network (EAN) Releases 2017 Annual Report

Analysis shows that Vermont will not achieve 90% renewable energy by 2050 at current trajectory, identifies thermal and transportation sectors as largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions

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Hartford Energy Coordinator Saves Town Money and Energy

Read more about how the town of Hartford Hired a Full Time Municipal Energy Coordinator - and how your community could learn from their example.

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End of Session Legislative Update

Get an overview of what did and didn't happen in the Vermont Legislature on climate and energy during the Spring 2018 session

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VECAN's Town Energy and Climate Action Guide

Be sure to check out our updated guide on how to form and run an effective energy committee, ideas for programs and initiatives, financing and funding options, and much more!

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Governor Scott’s response to Climate Commission recommendations disappoints, misses the mark

This disappointing response is the most powerful demonstration to date that Governor Scott might not be willing to take substantive action when it comes to climate.

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Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Northwest Vermont Regional Energy Forum

VECAN, Efficiency Vermont, and the Northwest Regional Planning Commission hosted a discussion about how town energy committees can help communities save energy and money

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Vermont Groups Rebuke Fuel Economy Standards Rollback

Trump Administration’s Reversal of Federal Clean Car Standards Costly to Public Health, People’s Pocketbooks, and Environment

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Vermont Climate Action Commission Makes Five Short-Term Recommendations

The Vermont Climate Action Commission – the 21-member diverse stakeholder group charged by Governor Phil Scott to make recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – advanced a set of five short-term recommendations

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Energy Case Studies On The Dashboard

We’ve been collecting stories of energy heroes, great energy projects and initiatives and we want to share them with you!

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Vermont Energy Committees

Vermont’s network of town energy committees continues to grow, reflecting a powerful grassroots response to the pressing need to cut energy costs, foster renewable energy generation and lessen the state’s contribution to global warming.

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Projects, resources, initiatives

Learn about campaigns, resources, case studies and policies to support your efforts to save energy, save money and reduce waste.

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Learn about campaigns, resources, case studies and policies to advance your renewable energy generation priorities, including solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

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Find out about the innovative approaches, initiatives, success stories and strategies to foster transportation efficiency and walkable, bikeable, compact communities.

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Find out and engage in the policy and planning efforts underway to ensure Vermont achieves its essential 90 percent by 2050 renewable energy goal.

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Informing and shaping community conversations, local initiatives and regional and state policy arenas is imperative. Find timely policy news and ways to effectively engage.

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Find information here about grant or other funding options to support your community’s priorities, as well as information about financing for clean energy investments.

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