Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Education & Advocacy

Education and advocacy are key to successful efforts to save energy, create renewable generation opportunities and ensure action on climate change. There is real power in people who understand the challenges we face and the opportunities at hand by moving away from expensive, dirty fossil fuels and towards a renewable, sustainable energy economy.

There are many great resources in the state, and around the world, that can assist local efforts in spreading awareness, inspiration and catalyzing engagement in community, state-level and national efforts to chart a homegrown, efficient, renewable energy future.

Initiatives and Programs

VEEP helps Vermont students, teachers, and school communities build a deep understanding of energy and climate with interactive workshops, equipment, and action programs. Check out their new remote learning resources for teachers and students.

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VEEP worked closely with teachers from Cabot School to create interactive hands-on projects. Engaging students in an energy literacy program was the goal of the project, so the program focused on having the students fully involved in the learning process. Projects included building solar concentrators, creating CO2 balloons, replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, and weatherizing houses for local farmers. Hands-on projects engaged the students while they learned about more sustainable energy products and approaches.

The VEEP project with Cabot School reduced the school’s annual electricity usage by 10% per year from 2003-2012. More importantly, 10 years worth of Cabot students have had the opportunity to get engaged with energy and take leadership by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in their communities.

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350 Vermont

Mission: In the Green Mountain State, we’re uniting a mass movement for bold solutions that both lift up Vermonters and cut down carbon — to be a national and global example for solving the climate crisis. Read more

New England Environmental Fund’s Roots Skills training series

The Grassroots Fund RootSkills Training Series is a series of monthly webinars, in-person trainings, and an annual conference designed by and for grassroots community organizers. These trainings provide skills-building and networking opportunities to community organizers in New England (& beyond!). Read more

Vermont Conservation Voters

Vermont Conservation Voters works to make environmental protection a top priority for elected officials, candidates, and voters. Read more

Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC)

VNRC has been Vermont’s leader in protecting and restoring our natural resources and communities. By building coalitions, working together, and offering common sense solutions, VNRC has set the standard for an approach to environmental protection that endures. Read more

Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG)

For over 40 years, VPIRG has brought the voice of average Vermont citizens to public policy debates concerning the environment, health care, consumer protection and democracy. Read more

Vermont Sierra Club

We're working on a number of projects that we believe are critical to outdoor life in Vermont. For the past year we have been focused through three committees, Energy and Climate Change, Water Quality, Habitats and Wetlands, and Forest and Wildlife. Through these committees we have participated in the Peoples Climate March, Wilderness 50 Celebration, and helped pass legislation promoting clean up our lakes, streams and rivers from nutrient and other pollution. Read more