Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Your VECAN Support Team

As a part of the VECAN network, you, and the other 120+ energy committees across the state, are supported by a diverse group of partner organizations. The VECAN Partners, consisting of the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC), Vital Communities, Energy Action Network (EAN), Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) and Efficiency Vermont (EVT), are available to provide online consultation and support to individuals and full energy committees working on local energy transformation. Each of the VECAN partners brings different expertise, connections, and perspectives to the vital work you are doing and your communities, and we are eager to support you however we can. Even if we can’t help you directly, we will do our best to connect you with others who can.

You’ll find more details below about which topics each individual VECAN partner is best equipped to assist you with. Please direct your questions to the individual VECAN partner whose expertise best matches your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Don’t forget that the other energy committees across the state can also be a resource to you! Check out this map for a list of all energy committees and their contact information.

Johanna Miller

Energy & Climate Program Director

Vermont Natural Resources Council

[email protected]

Johanna is available for consultation on:

  • Public Engagement Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications and Outreach Strategies
  • Starting a Town Energy Committee
  • Tracking and strategically engaging in state-level initiatives
    • Legislature
    • Comprehensive Energy Plan
    • Climate Action Plan
    • Funding+
    • Climate Dispatch

Dan Fingas

Climate Action Coordinator

Vermont Natural Resources Council

[email protected]

Dan is available for consultation on:

  • Outreach & Public Engagement Strategies
  • VECAN Resources
    • Website
    • Listserv / Google Group
  • Tracking and strategically engaging in state-level initiatives

Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD)

[email protected]

The VCRD team (Laura Bailey and Jessica Savage) can provide:

Sarah Brock

Energy Program Manager

Vital Communities

[email protected]

Sarah is available for consultation on:

  • Climate and energy efforts in the Upper Valley
  • Strategic Energy Action Toolkit for energy committees and other local energy and climate action
  • Solarize and Weatherize campaigns
  • Green real estate (working with home buyers, home sellers, real estate professionals)
  • Outreach to mobile home residents

Cara Robecheck

Network Manager

Energy Action Network

[email protected]

The EAN team can provide:

Efficiency Vermont

[email protected]

The Efficiency Vermont team (Bekah Kuster, Michelle McCutcheon-Schour, and Brad Long) can provide:

  • Support for community-wide presentations and events that promote electrical or thermal efficiency
  • Information on state-wide energy efficiency incentives for schools, municipalities, and businesses to help your town save energy and money
  • Energy efficiency training, guidance, and technical assistance for nonprofits, communities, municipalities, and business groups
  • Support with Button Up Vermont Campaign

Community Energy Coordinator

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Available for consultation on:

  • VECAN Resources
  • VECAN Website
  • VECAN E-Newsletter
  • Events
  • Energy Committee Activities
  • Communications and Outreach Strategies