Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities


VECAN is the network of over 100 Vermont town energy committees and the organizations that support them. Town energy committees are leading a powerful grassroots response to the pressing need to be more energy efficient and generate more in-state renewable energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With partners — including the VECAN support organizations below — local energy groups are helping make Vermont’s clean energy future possible. Find out more about VECAN partners and how they can help you or your community achieve your goals.




Vermont Natural Resources Council

has been the Green Mountain State’s leading environmental education, policy and advocacy organization since 1963. Working from the grassroots to the Legislature, VNRC advances policies and programs that Vermonters care about—vibrant, walkable communities, clean and abundant water, working farms and forests, and an efficient, clean, renewable energy future. VNRC serves as the coordinator for VECAN, working closely with diverse organizations and Vermont’s solutions-oriented town energy committees with the goal of ensuring state policy aligns with and supports the efficiency, renewable, transportation and climate goals of Vermonters. Contact VECAN Director Johanna Miller at and 802-223-2328 ext. 112, VECAN Coordinator Ian Hitchcock at and 802-223-2328 ext. 118. or visit

Energy Action Network

is a diverse group of energy stakeholders working to end Vermont’s release on fossil fuels and create clean, affordable and secure electric heating and transportation systems for the 21st century.

Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont makes a difference in Vermonters lives. Whether it is rebates, contractor connections, financing options, or technical advice, Vermonters agree—we can help.

Net Zero Vermont

is dedicated to advancing sustainable, vibrant people-centered downtowns, transforming our transportation and energy systems to low carbon alternatives and raising public awareness about the importance of moving to a post-carbon future.

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

inspires, connects and supports local change from the ground up. To date, NEGEF has provided seed grants and helpful resources to over 1,600 community groups in more than 50% of New England’s cities and towns.

Vital Communities

inspires, connects and supports brings together citizens, organizations, and municipalities in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire to take on issues where an independent voice and regional approach are essential. Working together, Vital Communities makes the Upper Valley region a better place to live, work, and play.