Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Technical Assistance

VECAN provides direct technical assistance to energy committees on projects, programs, and policy. We can offer guidance and support to your committee in a variety of ways, from forming a committee and recruiting members to identify areas of opportunity and achieving results; from energy project and program development to information about recent and relevant local, regional or state policies that can impact your work. We compile useful tools, templates, and success strategies and provide them to help guide energy committee work. Whether your committee is working on energy planning, energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy projects, transportation efforts or more, we can provide hands-on support to help energy committees. We also have our finger on the pulse of potential useful partners and often connect energy committees to the experts or energy innovators that can help advance your committee’s policy, project or program priorities.

With our partners at the Energy Action Network, we also help provide training and support on the Vermont Community Energy Dashboard. The Dashboard is an online tool that can provide individuals and communities baseline information on their energy use, as well as help set energy targets, identify project opportunities, implement campaigns, undertake energy planning, showcase success stories and more.