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Inflation Reduction Act Resources

Stay tuned! More resources will be added to this page as they come out.

Rewiring America’s Savings Calculator provides personalized incentives, including upfront discounts, available tax credits, and estimated bill savings per year. Calculate your personal savings here!

The White House Clean Energy for All Website provides a breakdown of rebates and tax credits offered by the new law. View the website here!

Watch Sustainable Woodstock’s Webinar: How Can the IRA Help You Go Electric? This presentation by Matt Christie dives into the residential consumer benefits of the IRA. Watch the recording here! Download Matt’s presentation slides here.

Rewiring America’s IRA Fact Sheets provide a breakdown of rebates, tax credits, and more. View the fact sheets here!

Efficiency Vermont Article: How the new climate law could help you save money. This short article contains links to financial incentives for home energy projects that are included in the IRA. View the article here!