Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Leveraging Your Local Impact

Shaping State Policy and More…

To achieve the state’s statutory greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements and the 90 percent by 2050 renewable energy goal of the Comprehensive Energy Plan, on-the-ground action is imperative. Strong state policies are imperative to actually achieving Vermont’s goals. Though Vermont has been an innovator on clean energy and policy to date, in total, every state policy combined has the state falling far short of meeting our goals and turning the challenge of climate change into opportunity.

It is essential for climate-concerned Vermonters to ensure that your voice and your communities clean energy goals shape the public policy making arena in Vermont. Here are some important ways to heighten your impact:

  • Get active in state policy. Connect with your House members and Senators. Meet with them. Ask for specific policy action. Meet with them again. There is real value in developing a relationship with your legislators. Ensure you respectfully try to understand where they are coming from and let them know you hope they will lead on energy and climate. Here are some tips.
  • Show up. Shaping policy-making conversations means going where the action is. When you can, spend a day at the State House (another great place to meet with your legislator). Attend important events and lend your thoughts, such as events on the Comprehensive Energy Plan, the Vermont Climate Council or your Regional Planning Commission. Add your voice to these and other venues.
  • Spread the word. Write a letter to the editor or op-ed. Share compelling stories and action opportunities on Facebook or Twitter. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and others about the issues.
  • Connect and collaborate with Vermont Natural Resources Council and Vermont Conservation Voters. Both of these education and advocacy organizations have their fingers on-the-pulse of the legislative landscape and higher-impact engagement opportunities. Their emails will keep you informed about issues you care about and ways to deepen your engagement. VCV also works to help get climate and clean energy champions elected. They can help support your community’s candidate — or you — in a run for office.