Connecting & Activating Vermont Communities

Tips for Running a Successful Educational Event:

Prepared By Sarah Lang, Talent Specialist, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

  1. Organize and plan ahead at least 90 days
    • designate a logistics person for leading up to event
    • designate a point person for the day of the event (can be same person)
  2. Be sure to include high level (mission; the big “why” we are doing this) and low level (specific action items/takeaways) in each event
  3. Be clear about your audience and how you are getting the word out to them
    • This includes your messaging about the event (help save the planet vs help save yourself/family money)
  4. Throw multiple events but with some modifications. This keeps the regulars coming back and allows new people not to miss everything by not attending some past events
  5. FOOD. That’s it. Provide it.
  6. Partner with other organizations for sponsorship ($) or quality trainers
  7. Go to other similar events to learn what to do and what not to do (don’t reinvent the wheel)
  8. About Promotion:
    • Start at least 90 days out
    • Think about different avenues of promotion (town calendar, town newsletter, local newspaper, social media platforms)
    • With Social Media: tag other partners and organizations who will be participating in the day; ask them to share it with their networks on social media (and newsletters)
  9. Give attendees outcomes or takeaways: report out after event (that can look like sharing presentations, sharing contact information, a summary report); identify actionable items that people can do the next day!
  10. Provide hands on presentations or workshop style events (presentations are good for information, but people get sick of being talked at. They want to DO!)