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VECAN Conference 2017

Transforming Vermont's Energy Future from the Ground Up: The 10th Annual VECAN Conference

VECAN’s annual Community Energy and Climate Action Conference is a can’t-miss event for energy committees and the partners and policymakers who want to support grassroots energy action. Our annual event is focused on empowering local leaders at the grassroots level. The workshops, speakers, and networking at the conference have inspired and activated thousands of Vermonters to make a difference in their own lives and in their community.

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VECAN Conference 2016

Local Leadership, Local Action: Getting To 90 Percent Renewable By 2050

With the presidential election fresh in everyone’s minds the 300 plus attendees were more determined than ever to move forward on clean energy. There were 14 informative workshops but the highlight for many was the inspiring and humorous keynote by Soren Hermansen, a leader from the island of Samso, Denmark. Samso is powered by 100% renewable energy and now exports energy. Soren spoke of how their community organized and embraced their renewable energy transition. The day ended with a storytelling workshop.

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VECAN Conference 2015

A Common Agenda: Transforming Vermont’s Energy Future

Over 250 Vermonters showed their commitment to a clean energy future by attending the 8th Annual “Community Energy & Climate Action Conference”. The temperature was high (50 degrees in December?) but the spirit and motivation for change was higher. The event served as the cap to an eventful year, and as a kick-off to 2016 with 14 workshops, an inspiring keynote, and more. Read more about the day and find presentations here.

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VECAN Conference 2014

Shaping Vermont’s Response to Climate Change

Despite wintry weather, over 250 intrepid Vermonters attended VECAN’s 7th annual “Community Energy & Climate Action Conference.” Once again, it was a powerful, energizing event with over 20 workshops focused on clean energy and climate solutions. Read more about the day and check out the workshop presentations here.

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VECAN Conference 2013

Strengthening Connections to Advance Solutions

“The glue that is keeping our country together is local leadership,” said Vermont Congressman Peter Welch, “and there is nobody that is doing it better in Vermont than our town energy committees.”

Vermont’s community-based efforts to tackle the challenges of climate change and ever-more-limited traditional energy supplies were the focus of the 2013 Community Energy and Climate Action Conference. In order to address these challenges, the 2013 conference works to build partnerships at the local level and grow the climate action movement in Vermont

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VECAN Conference 2012

Getting to 90% Renewable by 2050

With the 2011 release of the state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan, the 2012 conference focused on bringing together local action and solutions to addressing this ambitious and necessary goal.

VECAN Conference 2011

Community Energy & Climate Action Conference

Many Vermonters and Vermont communities are wrestling with difficult questions regarding how they will meet their energy needs. The annual “Community Energy and Climate Action Conference” is designed to help them answer those questions. Organized by the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network and UVM Extension, the day offers a great blend of access to expertise and resources on promising energy programs as well as opportunity for deep dialogue on some of more difficult challenging issues

VECAN Conference 2010

VECAN Conference 2009

VECAN Conference 2008