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Go! Vermont Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Ways Go! Vermont can help save money, lower fuel consumption, and improve health.

  1. Go! Vermont is a clearinghouse of resources and services to help increase carpooling and vanpooling and other smart transportation choices. Free program services include commute assessments, workplace consultations, guaranteed ride home, and free promotional resources. Learn more and get started by downloading (e.g., posters, logos, brochures and guides) at
  1. Education & Outreach: Transportation options vary depending on community context – walk/bike, transit, carsharing, car/vanpools and telecommuting. Try a multiple approaches to encourage access to efficient options. Use online resources, list serve, employer intranet, Front Porch Forum, and other means. 
  1. Promote Go! Vermont, via a $500 mini-grant. Eligible entities include volunteer groups, energy committees, Safe Routes to Schools coordinators, other community groups interested in encouraging everyone to travel green.
  1. Promote Way to Go! To School – Help promote Go! Vermont and Way to Go! to School, a K-12 Schools program designed to encourage faculty, staff and students to avoid solo driving and use more efficient transportation options (e.g., carpool, vanpool, transit, bike, walk and telecommute). Learn more at
  1. Host a Bike Clinic—Learn more about great bike options including eAssist and Cargo style. Host a bike event. Contact: VBike and Local Motion to partner with you and help organize a bike clinic in your community or at a business. Visit for more details.
  1. Park and Rides – Assist in the development of a grant application to develop local park and rides for community use. Hinesburg and Corinth, VT are two towns succeeding at doing this. Each year, VTrans announces grant awards in mid-summer. Grant Program Guidelines and other info
  1. Improve Freight and Revive Passenger Rail Service—The Vermont Rail Council, VTrans and the Vermont Rail Action Network are working actively with others to return passenger rail. Learn more and get involved &
  1. Support integrated land use and transportation planning, walkable communities (work with municipal staff and/or RPCs). Teaching location efficiency concepts to potential homebuyers and developers Complete Streets programs are a good way to develop these options.
  1. Plug-in vehicles and Infrastructure – learn more, consider for next vehicle, municipal fleets, charging infrastructure (support, install), community demo events, connecting with renewable energy sources

  1. Support transitioning from gas tax to other user fees to ensure sustainable funding for transportation needs and infrastructure health
  1. Promote Go! Vermont–$500 Volunteer Committee Grants (details from Go! Vermont, Ross 802-828-5577) Also, “Health in All Policies” into transportation policies
  1. Think Globally and Act Locally Don’t wait, make a plan, conserve and be more efficient in your travel choices. Avoid driving alone. Live closer to Town, near your workplace and bus service.

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