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Way to Go! Commuter Challenge

What Is It?

Way to Go! Commuter Challenge is an annual one-week event to encourage everyone to use a transportation alternative including: walking, biking, carpooling, transit and telecommuting.  This year’s Way to Go! Commuter Challenge will be May 16th to May 20th, 2011.

Participation in 2010 topped 3,000 folks pledging to use cheaper, healthier, and more earth-friendly transportation alternatives to driving alone. Together, commuters saved 220,000 miles for the week, 9,758 gallons of fuel,nearly $30,000 in transportation costs, and 200,000 pounds of transportation pollutants.

This is a terrific project for energy committees to help to promote and all are encouraged to help tackle the transportation sector by promoting this program locally. Everyone who signs up will receive a free one-week gym membership, coupons for local goods, and entry into a raffle drawing of great prizes.

It’s easy to participate. All the materials you need to promote the event, including posters and brochures, promotional tips, and tabling materials are available in downloadable format at

Be sure to check out the special events and trainings in April to help promote statewide participation under events on the home page. Be sure to spread the word and particpate in the business share and learns, dates and locations TBA soon. You can begin promotion as early as your local kickoff meeting. A schedule will be posted on teh Way to Go! website, so check in often for updates. Getting an early start will help boost participation and a willingness to shift to a more earth-friendly form of transportation.

New to Way to Go! this year is the Carbon Cup, a beautiful award to be displayed at the winners’ town hall or place of business. The Carbon Cup will be awarded by a local celebrity to one community and business in each award category as determined by our judges. The awards will be given to communities and employers, with several employer size categories.

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