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Keeping Vermonters Warm… and Cool: The Potential of Thermal Energy Networks

In the fourth installment of VECAN’s 2023 Workshop Series, we heard from Debbie New of the Vermont Community Geothermal Alliance on the basics and benefits of networked geothermal systems, Yaning Zhang of Celsius Energy on using angled drilling to install geothermal systems within just two parking spaces, and Aaron Miller of SHARC Energy on capturing heating from the stream of warm water we send down the drain every day.

Geothermal and other thermal energy networks are some of the cleanest, most efficient, safest, and healthiest ways to heat and cool buildings. They are a known, demonstrated solution that we can bring to our town centers and neighborhoods. The possibilities are exciting and prompt the question: What can work here in Vermont?

This workshop was the first in a series of lunchtime webinars organized by the Vermont Community Geothermal Alliance, aimed at introducing the opportunities and benefits of adding geothermal and other kinds of thermal energy networks to our clean energy solutions. The next webinars in this series include “Putting Thermal Networks to Work: Achieving Climate Goals and Policy Solutions” hosted by Energy Action Network on March 20th, and “The Benefits and Business of Thermal Energy Networks” hosted by Renewable Energy Vermont on April 4th. Learn more about the webinar series here!

Find some resources from the workshop below: