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Peacham’s First Public EV Charger Opens at the Peacham Library

PRESS RELEASE: Peacham’s First Public EV Charger Opens at the Peacham Library Contact: Cathy Browne, President, Peacham Library Board of Trustees, 802.592.3210, [email protected] Peacham’s newly installed public electric vehicle (EV) charging station located at the Peacham Library is ready for action! This Level 2 EV charger offers two charging ports and is available to everyone, for a suggested donation. Total project cost (including equipment, installation, and signage) came in under $1,000 – after the electric utility’s $750 incentive per port. This project was made possible thanks to the leadership of Peacham Library Board of Trustees and generous...

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New Program Creates Cost- and Carbon-Cutting Opportunities for Vermont Municipalities

• by VNRC

VNRC, VPIRG and Vermont Conservation Voters Celebrate H.518’s Enactment Montpelier – The Legislature crafted and yesterday Governor Phil Scott signed H.518, the Municipal Energy Resilience Initiatives Bill into law, setting the stage for $45 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to support municipalities with technical assistance, energy assessments and municipal weatherization, fuel switching and other potential cost- and carbon-cutting resilience measures. Vermont’s municipalities own and operate more than 2,000 buildings and facilities around the state, which are used to provide essential services to residents. As we know from Vermont’s Climate Action Plan, the...

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Vermont expanding electric vehicle incentive programs

• Vermont Biz • by VTrans

The State of Vermont Agency of Transportation has selected the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to develop and administer a suite of clean transportation incentive programs for state residents to help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

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Vermont’s Climate Action Plan offers solutions to crisis

• Stowe Reporter • by Catherine Crawley

“The Vermont Climate Action Plan, recently adopted by the Vermont Climate Council, puts forth more than 230 tangible actions that Vermont can take to both reduce our emissions as well as create an adaptive and resilient future for Vermont communities.”

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Vermont Delegation has it Right

• Linda Gray • by Valley News

“The Build Back Better Act takes bold steps to dramatically reduce climate pollution for everyone. But it also begins to address decades of unchecked environmental injustice, ensuring at least 40% of the benefits of this bill go to those communities hardest hit by pollution and climate change. The stakes could not be higher; this may be our last best shot at real climate action.”

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Getting Vermont to a Clean Transportation System

• VT Digger • by Johanna Miller

“Arguably, H.552 is one of the biggest climate-action bills on the table this year. And on the heels of the adoption of the first statutorily-required Climate Action Plan last December, which requires significant, stepped pollution-reduction progress, this bill is likely the biggest opportunity in the short-term to reduce emissions in our most carbon-intensive sector.”

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Four authors: Clean Heat Standard equals savings, certainty and less carbon

• VT Digger • by Johanna Miller, Ben Edgerly , Lauren Hierl, and Jordan Giaconnia

“After weeks of robust testimony and a clear recommendation from the Vermont Climate Council, the Clean Heat Standard will soon head to the full House for a vote. This is exciting news, because the Clean Heat Standard is the most significant piece of climate legislation under consideration in the Vermont Legislature this year.“

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We’re Running Out of Time to Adopt Clean Heat Standard

• VT Digger • by Jeff Forward

“Big policy ideas like the Clean Heat Standard don’t typically happen in the first year of a biennium. So if we miss this chance now, it could be another two years before we even have another shot. What I like about the Clean Heat Standard is that it sets up a structure to regulate carbon impacts from the notoriously difficult-to-regulate fossil fuel heating industry.”

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Now or Never

• Times Argus • by Steve Pappas

“It is up to us as individuals to be mindful of the decisions we make relative to our carbon footprint. We need to recycle. We need to compost. We need to support groups and initiatives that support sustainability. We need to educate young people to be better planetary citizens than we have been. And we need to put a shoulder into debating and persuading policy makers — on select boards, in the Legislature, and in Congress — to act in our best interests now and for the generations to come.”

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Climate Matters: When climate change gets personal

• The Addison Independent • by Spence Putnam

“Successfully turning the tide calls for continued individual actions combined with an intensified effort in the public arena — political campaigns, advocacy with our elected leaders for much more forceful policies, increased support of environmental groups, and all kinds of pressure; publicity, boycotts, and direct action — to hold corporate leaders accountable and force them to make meaningful changes in the effort to save our planet.”

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