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VECAN Lunch and Learn: A Sneak Peek at EAN’s 2020/2021 Annual Progress Report

At our May 17 Lunch and Learn we got a first glimpse of the Energy Action Network’s 2020/2021 Progress Report for Vermont. 

Jared Duval, executive director of Energy Action Network (EAN) gave us a sneak preview of their 2020/2021 Vermont Annual Progress Report on Energy, Equity, and the Economy. Every year, he and his team crunch the numbers to provide the most up-to-date analysis on where Vermont stands on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions relative to our renewable energy goals and emissions reduction commitments.

In their analysis, they found that moving away from fossil-fueled transportation and heating, which currently contributes over 70% of Vermont’s GHG emissions, will provide a major opportunity to strengthen the Vermont economy, create good-paying jobs, save Vermonters money, and improve equity.

As Vermont continues to make progress towards meeting its emission reduction requirements, EAN’s report provides foundational information and accountability for this work to be done strategically, swiftly and equitably.

Keep an eye out for the full report coming out next week at