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VECAN & Vermont Public Service Department Webinar: RFI for Vermont’s Electricity Policies and Programs

Friday July 29th, 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Friday for a webinar with Anne Margolis and Claire McIlvennie of the Vermont Department of Public Service (PSD) on their recently issued Request for Input (RFI) on Vermont’s Electricity Policies and Programs. You can watch a recording of the webinar here and find a copy of the chat here

It was an informative hour packed with useful context-setting and a high-level overview of what the PSD is seeking in terms of input at this stage. Specifically, the PSD is asking for input on 1) the process and timeline around their policy review and stakeholder engagement, 2) the criteria for evaluating policies and programs, and 3) other key considerations you’d recommend they examine and weigh. Find more detail on what they are seeking in the full presentation from the Department of Public Service here. The presentation includes important context setting about our state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan, the pathway for reviewing the Renewable Energy Standard and complimentary programs, and much more information about the RFI process, timeline, specifics, and opportunities. 

Importantly, Anne and Claire also let us know that the deadline to submit a response to the RFI has been extended to Monday, August 15th – so you have even more time to consider formulating your response and providing good feedback! And, there is now an option to submit your feedback electronically via an online web form here. Find all other information about how to submit your response here

This is the first step in a much more comprehensive process the PSD will be undertaking, informed by this opportunity for input. Stay tuned for many more chances to engage, provide input, and influence the PSD’s final analysis and policy/program recommendations for our state’s electricity sector. 

Thank you again for joining us, and please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions, feedback, or thoughts to share.