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Vermont Energy and Climate Action Discussion Group

Purpose of Discussion Group

The Vermont Energy and Climate Action Google Group is an online discussion forum hosted by the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network. The discussion group is  intended to serve as a discussion forum for topics related to community energy and climate action work in Vermont. The intent of this list is to provide a creative and dynamic environment for Town Energy Committees  to share their successes, discuss challenges, collaborate on initiatives, programs and projects and keep everyone informed of upcoming events and opportunities that will further the important work of responding to climate change in Vermont. It is also a resource for individuals and groups to learn about and promote existing work to address climate change and work together.

To improve the connectedness between energy committees, please check out our map of energy committees and their points of contact here

How to Use the Google Group

How to Subscribe – To subscribe to the Vermont Climate Action google group, send a blank email to [email protected]

How to Unsubscribe – To unsubscribe from the Vermont Climate Action google group, send a blank email to [email protected] 

How to Post – To post a new message to the group, click the “New Topic” button at the TOP of the Vermont Climate Action home screen here. From there, like an email, you can add a subject line, add an attachment, and write in your message for the group.

All members will be automatically set up to receive an email digest with a summary of the posts for the day after days in which at least one person posted to the group. To change this to either more or less frequent emails, click on the “My Settings” tab in the TOP RIGHT, click on “Membership and email settings”, and then change your “Email Delivery Preference”.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Keep it Civil and On-Topic. That means respectful discourse and a focus on energy transformation strategies and climate pollution reduction solutions. 
  2. No Anonymous Posts! If your first and last name are not obvious from your email address, please sign your post. If you are a town energy committee member please also list your town and the name of the energy committee you serve on.
  3. Keep the Content Relevant and On Topic. Please keep the content focused around topics related to energy and climate action issues, with a particular focus on topics of interest or relevance to town energy committees across Vermont. 

We hope that local energy leaders will share strategies, stories, models, approaches, tips, questions etc related to how Vermont and Vermont communities are helping transform our energy system and reduce climate pollution in a way that creates greater equity, local jobs, resilience and independence etc. 

  1. Please post about relevant policy topics — not politics. We understand how regional, state and local policies can either help — or hinder — the ability to meet clean energy and climate goals. This forum can serve to help share information about discussion or implementation of energy and climate policies. It is NOT, however, a forum to discuss politics — and we’d appreciate your partnership in maintaining it that way.
  2. There are a lot of important private and public partners who have been — and will be — critical to communities to help meet their energy and climate goals. We are committed to sharing information from different partners and businesses, while not prioritizing or propping up one over another. This is an equal opportunity list serve — and we hope you will join us in ensuring it is used as such. 

General Rules

This discussion list operates on the assumption that list postings will be civil and respectful to other list members. No abusive or threatening postings will be allowed. Anyone engaging in what the administration of Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network considers to be abusive language or threats directed towards another list member may have posting privileges revoked. It is inappropriate to post the content of any private correspondence to or from a list member without the express permission of all correspondents involved.

In order to keep this discussion list useful and dynamic, there should be no verbatim forwarding of content that has already appeared elsewhere. If an article has appeared on the web that would be appropriate to reference in the context of a discussion, simply summarize your point and link to the source. Copyrighted content should not be posted.

The administration of Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently exclude any list subscriber for any abuse or infringement of these list rules and guidelines. To contact Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network with comments or to bring specific issues to their attention, write to [email protected]

Legal Disclaimer

The Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network assumes no legal or editorial responsibility for any content distributed through its community discussion lists. Content is generated by individual subscribers, who each bear responsibility for their individual postings. Content posted to the discussion lists is automatically distributed to the subscribers and Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network is unable to retract or modify any such content. Volunteer individual discussion list administrators are responsible for post-facto monitoring of the content of a town discussion list and may, in their own discretion, issue private warnings to individual subscribers or public guidelines to the entire discussion list if, in their sole judgment, any of the Posting Guidelines or General Rules are repeatedly violated.